More clarity,
less chaos.

Mast empowers creative teams to do more & manage less.
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Centralized Kanban

Everything. Right where you expect it to be.

Mast has a unique, Centralized Kanban, giving you one workflow for all your tasks. This means status and priority are as clear as day, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Your personal workspace

Cut out the noise & see only what matters to you.

Your desk is just for you. Customize your desk to show only what's important to you so you can get focused, and find your flow.

Seamless time tracking

Just press play.

No more breaking your flow to fill in a time entry. Just press play when you start working on a ticket, right inside Mast. No extra tools required.

All the features you’d expect.
Plus some you wouldn’t.

Inbox & Integrations

Mast's unique Inbox feature means comments and tasks from other tools automatically land in Mast giving you a truly centralized destination for your work

Time Tracking

Just hit play on the task you're working on. Mast's full-featured time-tracker is integrated throughout your workspace so you can track without breaking your flow. It also supports billing!

Dark Mode

We know creatives love to be able to make their worksace their own. That's why Mast has had Dark Mode since day one.





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